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SHA3 Red Hot N Fierce
Fullblood Herd Sire

Sire: DL Paint Your Wagon
​​​Dam: SHA3 Red Hot Perfection

DOB: October 2013

Fierce has been sold and his last kids will arrive in Spring 2017!
2014 Division Reserve Champion, Old Washington, Ohio!!

Sire side: 3LF Synergy, 3LF Copout, SED Davidson Livestock Marty *Ennobled*

Dam side: Max Boer Goats Fire It Up, Fern Hollow Farm Ruger's Striker Fire, ZA The Intimidator *Ennobled*​​​​​
Fall 2014
Spring 2015
Spring 2016
SHA3 Fifty-Fifty
Now resides in Missouri! 

Fierce x ASHS Sneak A Peek
DOB 1/2015

Currently sires black, black dapple, red red dapple, red spotted and painted kids! Many are being retained but we will offer two in the sale! Lots 18 and 38!​​​​​​