Seebach Hidden Acres
Colored boers             

Reference Bucks                  
Registered Fullblood Boer Buck; Solid Red
Red Bull, owned by Far View Farms, Now Deceased.

Red Bull is a Fern Hollow Farms buck and has many ennobled and tons of color in his background!

On his Sire side: RRD S889, RRD Gauge, EGGS EGGSpotential P900. EGGSonerate, and EGGS Maple to name just a few.

On his Dam side: T4 Zsa Zsa, T4 Scorpio, T4 Cappuccino

Red Bull is the sire of Red Ryder and GrandSire to SHA3 Red Rock Diva and Ryder's Flippin' Fancy and Absolute Sparkle!
Please Note; GP Zoro, Cash-Man in Black, Thunderball and FHF Red Bull are not and have never been owned by Seebach Hidden Acres Colored Boer Goats. These bucks are listed for reference only! Pictures courtesy of Far View Farms.
Sire to; SHA3 Alyssa, SHA3 Adriane's Mid "Summer" Night's Dream, HH2 Carmen, HH2 Bristol, and HH2 Martini.
Now resides in Northern Ohio
NATS Red Ryder
 This buck was purchased from Far View Farms and is Sired by the late Fern Hollow Farm Red Bull.

He is now owned by Jil and Dave Cook of Barnesville.

He is the Sire to SHA3 Red Rock Diva, Ryder's Flippin' Fancy, and Absolute Sparkle!
Lazy S T Z007 "Thunderball"
Full brother to Lazy S T Copperhead and Sire to NATS Sugar Daddy!
Currently Owned and pictures provided  By Far View Farms!
Max Boer Goats Fire It Up
This buck was our first game changer!

​Sire to Fire Roasted Kayle, Red Hot Iced Latte, Red Hot Perfection and A Fiery Sense of "Ellie"gance. Grand sire to Red Hot N Fierce and Red Hot N Purdy.
Reference Sires not pictured: DL Paint Your Wagon and 3LF Synergy.

These two are the Sire and Grand Sire to SHA3 Red Hot N Fierce, Red Hot N Purdy, "Mag"nificently Beautiful and Strawberry Margarita​​!